3 Yoga Poses for Better Posture at Work

An interesting trend I’ve noticed as a yoga instructor is that I get asked the same question in waves. Lately I’ve been asked a lot about how to improve posture. I imagine this has to do with the fact that everyone is working from home right now and the set-ups that they have might notContinue reading “3 Yoga Poses for Better Posture at Work”

How To Get Better at Plank Pose

If plank pose feels heavy AF. If you feel like your upper body just couldn’t be strong enough to hold a plank longer than 1 second. If you’re not sure if you’re lowering to the ground from plank pose correctly…then THIS IS THE BLOG POST FOR YOU! I guarantee that if you follow these steps,Continue reading “How To Get Better at Plank Pose”

Let’s Talk About Why You’re Tight…

SO let’s talk about tightness…What it means…Why it happens…What you can do about it…Hint? It doesn’t always mean you need to stretch! Tightness can sometimes mean your body is trying to protect that area where you feel tight. So what it does, is it tries to protect that part of your body by creating aContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Why You’re Tight…”

Stretches and Releases for a Tight Psoas

So the other day someone on Instagram mentioned having a tight psoas, so I offered to make a post about a release you can do for that. It did really well on Instagram, so I thought I’d turn this into a blog post so I can help more people.​ So, if you’ve never heard ofContinue reading “Stretches and Releases for a Tight Psoas”

People Are Capable of a Hell of a Lot More Than They Think

I get asked this question a lot – why don’t you distinguish your classes by level? Why don’t you teach a class specifically labeled advanced class? Why don’t you teach a beginner’s class? The short answer? People are capable of a whole hell of a lot more than they think. When I first started myContinue reading “People Are Capable of a Hell of a Lot More Than They Think”

Sometimes Shit Sucks, and That’s OK

Real Talk? I really didn’t want to post on Instagram yesterday. More real talk? This pandemic has been both a gift and a struggle. Yesterday was a really weird mix of both.⠀​​⠀​​For the last 5 years I often worked 12-16 hour days, 5-6 days a week. The 6 months before COVID I had finally startedContinue reading “Sometimes Shit Sucks, and That’s OK”

What Exactly is a Vinyasa, Anyway?

The other day someone asked me to explain the difference between the various poses of a vinyasa sequence. I actually get this question quite often, so I figured I’d answer it here in a blog post. I also often see people who are learning the different poses of a vinyasa often combine 2 poses intoContinue reading “What Exactly is a Vinyasa, Anyway?”