3 Yoga Poses for Better Posture at Work

An interesting trend I’ve noticed as a yoga instructor is that I get asked the same question in waves. Lately I’ve been asked a lot about how to improve posture. I imagine this has to do with the fact that everyone is working from home right now and the set-ups that they have might not be the best or most optimal for their posture and comfort. SO here are a few exercises you can do throughout your workday while sitting on that Zoom meeting that will help you build better posture for yourself.

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How to Get Better at Side Plank

Ok let’s talk about how to fix your side plank and make it super strong and stable! If you’ve ever felt like you’re going to fall over in side plank, or like the weight of your body is enormously heavy in your arm – you’re definitely not alone. Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty easy fix for most people, and I’m going to share with you here how you can feel excited about side planks and not dread them.

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Sometimes Shit Sucks, and That’s OK

Real Talk? I really didn’t want to post on Instagram yesterday. More real talk? This pandemic has been both a gift and a struggle. Yesterday was a really weird mix of both.⠀​
​For the last 5 years I often worked 12-16 hour days, 5-6 days a week. The 6 months before COVID I had finally started to narrow down my work day and was getting things to line up exactly how I wanted. It took 4 1/2 years to get there in my business. And then COVID happened and it literally all fell apart into nothing. The bright side has been that it’s given me a chance to focus on my online business that I had already started well before COVID. But if I’m being totally honest, it really sucks to have put in so much work into building a business and not have any idea if any of it will be there when COVID ends. Yesterday was one of those days where I was oscillating between these 2 thoughts.⠀​
​I’m not telling you this for any kind of sympathy. I’m telling you this because I think some people can identify with it and get help from what I’m about to say. A lot of people are struggling right now, and I think of myself as being a pretty real and open yoga instructor. None of that woo-woo green juice bullshit. So this is a blog to tell you that sometimes shit sucks and it’s ok to feel that way.⠀

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What Exactly is a Vinyasa Anyway?

The other day someone asked me to explain the difference between the various poses of a vinyasa sequence. I actually get this question quite often, so I figured I’d answer it here in a blog post. I also often see people who are learning the different poses of a vinyasa often combine 2 poses into one into some kind of morphed chaturanga/updog shape, so I thought I’d clear a few things like that up here as well.

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My Experience Learning Yoga Through the Lens of Physical Therapy with Threesphysiyoga

In December 2019 I finished a 6 month 100-hour training with physical therapists who taught us yoga through the lens of physical therapy. Their goal was to start bringing smart, anatomy and biomechanic-based yoga into the yoga world. They threaded in PT exercises in a way that makes sense in a vinyasa yoga class and especially for one-on-one yoga sessions. The training was really about looking at how people move and how we can help people move better and be in less pain by using yoga and movement.

I’m going to be totally honest here – the reason I took this training was to get a really clear understanding of biomechanics and anatomy. Some of you may know I’m also a personal trainer, and that’s what that venture started out as as well. And here’s why:

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