3 Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

No matter what you do for a living, chances are your shoulders at some point have bothered you. Shoulder stretching is one of the most common requests that I get as a yoga instructor. Forget the wear and tear of sitting at a desk or having a job as a server or construction worker – just being hunched over on our phones all day can lead to shoulder stress and discomfort! If you want to make sure your shoulders stay healthy, flexible, and strong, check out these videos for healthy shoulders below.

3 Exercises for Healthy Shoulders:

Thread the Needle

Try this for a good stretch to the neck and shoulder blade. Once you’re loose there, give the next 2 exercises a try

Shoulder T Lift Offs

Make sure that your shoulders aren’t lifting too much towards your ears here. If you feel this in the space between your neck and shoulder, try lowering your shoulder blades and pinching the lowest part of your shoulder blades together. You may still feel it in the space between your neck and shoulder, but you should also be feeling it in your back.

Controlled Shoulder Circles

This is HARD, so if you’re struggling that is OK! Do your best not to lean to 1 side and not to backbend. The floor will stop you from the back-bending a bit. Also do your best to keep your head down. The goal is here to use only the shoulder joint to move – not the rest of our bodies.

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