Are Your Feet and Toes Healthy?

Are your feet and toes healthy? This might seem like a weird question. We often don’t think about the health of our feet – we’re more concerned with the health of our lungs, our hearts, our shoulders, and backs…but we don’t think much about our feet. Which, when you think about it, is kind ofContinue reading “Are Your Feet and Toes Healthy?”

Why You Should Care if Your Knee Rotates

We all know that our knees bend and extend, but did you know that the knee also has a slight amount of rotation? Right at the base of the knee joint where it meets your shin, there is a slight amount of internal and external rotation (meaning move in towards the center of your body,Continue reading “Why You Should Care if Your Knee Rotates”

What is Mobility Training and How Can it Help You?

When we talk about mobility training, often times people equate it to yoga and stretching, but this isn’t the case! When you take a mobility class with me, I’m referring to a particular movement system called Functional Range Conditioning. It’s a system that is used frequently with high level pro-athletes, cirque du soleil, and physical therapy.Continue reading “What is Mobility Training and How Can it Help You?”

2 Tips to Find Balance in High Lunges

If you’ve ever struggled with balance when coming into a high lunge in yoga, or finding a twist in a high lunge, here are 2 tips to teach you how to find your stabilizer muscles in these poses. The key to balance in high lunge positions is to use your inner thighs. In general, it’sContinue reading “2 Tips to Find Balance in High Lunges”

2 Side Plank Tips for Shoulder Discomfort

I was recently asked about ways to navigate shoulder discomfort in side plank, and I think this is a pretty common problem so I wanted to send an email to you in case you also have this question. So, assuming you have non-injured shoulders (that’s a different conversation and one that needs to be tailoredContinue reading “2 Side Plank Tips for Shoulder Discomfort”

Creating Stability in Yoga

If I could offer 1 suggestion, or thought, that would have a drastic impact on your yoga practice – or any movement practice really – dance, weightlifting – anything – it would be to ask yourself the following question: How can I create more stability? In order to move well, our body needs to feelContinue reading “Creating Stability in Yoga”

4 Tips for Better Balance in Yoga

If balance is something you’re working on or struggling with, then this is the post for you! Whether it’s tree pose, standing poses, lunges, or anything else, these 4 tips are key for finding balance in yoga. Here are 4 tips to help nail your balance in your next yoga classes: 1. The Tripod FootContinue reading “4 Tips for Better Balance in Yoga”

Chaturanga: How to Master the Yoga Pushup

Chaturanga is probably one of the hardest poses in a vinyasa yoga class to master. If you’re not sure what Chaturanga is, it’s effectively a pushup in yoga. There really isn’t anything different about the yoga version or the one that you would do when you’re working out.  A pushup is basically just a movingContinue reading “Chaturanga: How to Master the Yoga Pushup”

What is Mobility Work?

If you’ve been on my email list for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about my mobility class and the mobility work that I’m encouraging everyone to do. Maybe you even remember the name Functional Range Conditioning (FRC). Buuuuut you probably still have some questions so that’s what this post is all about. We’reContinue reading “What is Mobility Work?”

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