Achy From Sitting at Work? Try These Desk Yoga Moves!

One of the most common requests I get is for more yoga moves to do during your workday, so I decided to create a blog post with a compilation of desk yoga, working from home, yoga moves and sequences so you can refer back to this throughout the week. I’ve broken down this blog post by the body part that needs that extra love and movement.


Try to keep your core tight as you trace circles with your rib cage. Think of it going around your spine

Think of pulling your hips back in these downdogs with your hands on a chair for a nice stretch to your spine

Seated Cat/Cows – Find a backbend on your inhales and a rounded spine on your exhales

Make sure your chair or desk is pushed up against something so it doesn’t slide out from underneath you


Use your shoulder blades here to move your arms. Bring your shoulder blades together and apart and let your arms follow

This is great for both your wrists and your shoulders. When doing the shoulder exercises make sure you’re moving your shoulder blades FIRST and letting that movement guide the movement of your arms


Hip Flexors

Try not to lean back when doing this


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