How To Step Your Foot in Between Your Hands From Downward Facing Dog

I see this all the time. I say lift your right leg up, step your foot between your hands, and then a student’s foot lands somewhere halfway up their mat, their hip is jacked up in the air, their heel is off the ground, and they look unsure and uncomfortable in the lunge position. I’ll usually go up to that person and kneel by them and suggest they push their foot to the top of their mat, and then that’s what they’ll continue to do the rest of the class.

But wouldn’t it be nice if the foot just got there on its own?

Today’s video is all about getting that foot closer to the top of your mat. It’s not just luck that it lands there. There are tips and tricks you can do to get that foot to the top, or at least closer so that you’re in a more comfortable position in your lunges. Watch the video below and follow the step-by-step instructions to get that foot a little bit closer to the front of your mat next time the instructor says step your foot forward from downward facing dog!


  1. Come into downward facing dog
  2. Lift your RIGHT leg up
  3. Come to the ball of your LEFT foot
  4. Draw your RIGHT knee into your chest, and as you do this bring your shoulders over your wrists as if you’re coming through a plank pose
  5. Press the floor away from you, round your back (think cat shape like in cat/cow) to make space for that knee
  6. Lean to the LEFT hand
  7. Lift to the fingertips of the RIGHT hand so there’s a little bit more space on that right side for you to get that leg through
  8. Step the foot!

I hope this helps you next time you’re in a vinyasa class and you’re trying to get that foot forwards. Give it a try at home on your own, or follow along to a class in my online studio to put these tips and tricks into practice!

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