1. Why would I choose this over YouTube?

YouTube can be great, but unfortunately, you don’t receive individual attention from a qualified instructor in a YouTube video. My memberships include 4 free zoom classes a month so that I can see you practice in real-time and provide you unique feedback to you and your practice so you can hit your goals when practicing in the online studio.

2. What do you get as a member?

As a member you get:

  • 4 free zoom classes a month
  • Unlimited access to the videos in the video library
  • Email and video support from me
  • Individualized monthly programming specific to you and your goals
  • New videos uploaded monthly

Annual members receive:

  • 1 free 40 minute private zoom session with me every year of the membership
  • 1 month free

3. What kind of commitment is it?

Any kid of commitment you want it to be. If you choose a monthly membership you can cancel at any time.

4. Do you offer a free trial?

YES! It’s completely free – no credit card necessary. I hate when I sign up for a free trial and have to provide a credit card and then get charged when the trial is over, so I WILL NOT be doing that to you. You can sign up here: Grab your free week!

5. How much is it?

Monthly memberships are $25+tax/month

Annual memberships are $275+tax/year

Ready to join? Sign up here!

Got more questions?

Drop them below and ask away!

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