In-Person Offerings

One-on-One Private Session

5 classes-10% discount
10 classes-15% discount

Perfect for someone who wants to see vast improvements in their movements and strength.

Best for:

  • Nailing that challenging pose you never thought you’d get
  • Building strength and balance
  • Newbies who want to make sure they’re doing poses correctly and aren’t quite sure what they’re doing.
  • People coming to yoga with any injuries or illnesses

Semi-Private Session

Pricing dependent on number of people

Great for parties, couples yoga sessions, mom and daughter day, or just friends practicing together. You’ll receive individualized feedback as you would in a solo session, but at times it may be too challenging or too easy depending on the group.

Yoga & Meditation at Work

$200/1 hour session
$100/30 min session

Having taught yoga and meditation since 2015 in high stress banks, to non-profits, to colleges, I can confidently say that adding a yoga or meditation class to your company activities will increase productivity and decrease stress in the workplace. It also works as a team-building exercise. I offer in person sessions or virtual via Zoom.

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