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✨LEARN: how to sit better with just 1 simple adjustment

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    Kate Forman

    Yoga Instructor

    "Create a Strong Body you can Depend on"

    About Your Instructor

    - 500-hour yoga instructor

    - FRC mobility specialist

    - Certified personal trainer.

    - Trained with physical therapists

    You'll get stronger and more flexible, but more importantly, you'll be able to use what we work on together outside of your yoga practice and see a change in your daily life and when doing the activities you love most.

    What People are Saying

    "Each time I take one of Kate's classes I learn the value of these smaller moves. I feel as though I'm redesigning my body. Thank you, Kate!" - M. M."

    "I have never met a yoga instructor who understands the body like Kate. Through working with Kate, not only am I currently pain free, I know and understand how best to prevent my pain from popping back up." - Ruth A.