A FREE 3-day yoga challenge for those who want to finally be able to balance on 1 foot without frustration.

Kick frustration to the curb. Learn to balance in yoga today!

One of the areas where I see students struggle the most in yoga is balance. I myself struggled with balancing for YEARS. I mean like probably at least 8 years of my yoga practice I skipped over poses like warrior 3 and tree pose.

It wasn’t until about 4-5 years ago, after rehabbing a hip injury, that I started to understand and actually enjoy balancing poses. I want to help you get there too, which is why I created this free balance challenge to help you improve yours!


3 days of short videos emailed directly to you


Each video teaches you the tools you need to finally stand on 1 foot


Post yourself doing the exercises to social media and tag me @kateformanyoga and I’ll give you direct feedback on how you can improve

Ready to finally learn to balance in yoga?

Kate Forman

As a 500-hour yoga instructor, personal trainer, mobility instructor, and someone who has trained with physical therapists, I have a unique approach to teaching yoga that combines all of these methods to help you build a stronger and more confident yoga practice. I teach science-backed yoga classes that weave traditional yoga poses with non-traditional moves that will help you learn how to conquer poses you may have doubted you could do.

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