Free 30 Min Private session

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What You Can Expect:

  • Exclusive attention
  • All levels welcome – from absolute beginner to advanced
  • A unique approach to yoga that blends yoga postures and physical therapy science to help you alleviate pain in your yoga practice and daily life
  • A 500-hour yoga certified instructor who has spent an additional 100 hours training with physical therapists, so you know you’re in good hands
  • My goal is for you to leave with knowledge about movement and your unique body so that you can apply this knowledge outside of a yoga class in your daily life

create a strong and flexible body you can depend on

This is not a basic cookie-cutter yoga session. I will analyze your body and work with your individual needs. We”ll discuss any of your problem areas and pain points. Your free 30-minute session will be completely customized for you. 


Experience an approach to yoga that draws from physical therapy science to help you live a more pain-free, healthy life.

What students are saying…

“I’m redesigning my body…”

“Each time I take one of Kate’s classes I learn the value of these smaller moves. I feel as though I’m redesigning my body. Thank you, Kate!” – M. M.

“i no longer wake up with hip pain…”

“As a student of Kate’s, I have achieved new and higher levels of fitness and body awareness. When I first started practicing with her I was waking up with hip pain, but since regularly doing her yoga classes not only has my hip pain subsided, but I’m stronger and able to do poses I didn’t think I could do because of my hip.” – Linda B.

build a body you can depend on

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