Free 30-min FRC Movement Assessment

What is FRC?

Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC, is a system that helps people achieve their goals, maintain and create healthy joints, and move and feel better. It is for any and everyone, no matter your age, weight, or experience with physical activity. It focuses on the individual – on how you move, and what you need movement for in your daily activities – no matter the activity.

FRC is not yoga. It’s a system that is based on the function and health of your joints. It breaks down movement and asks: Do you have the movement prerequisites to do what you want to do? If not, it helps you get there safely and effectively.

How to Know if FRC is Right for You:

  • You want to increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • You lift weights or do any type of exercise – from Crossfit to complete exercise novice, any one can do this, and everyone will be helped by it
  • You play any sport. Literally ANY sport will benefit
  • You feel tight and stiff no matter how much you stretch.
  • You want to maintain and create a sustainable healthy body as you age. You don’t want to lose mobility. You don’t want to lose movement, you want to actually increase and sustain the movement you currently have.