About My Classes

I’m a 500-hour vinyasa yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. I’ve always been very active and have had injuries throughout my entire life, which is how I came to teach yoga in a way that’s informed by what I’ve learned from my PT’s about the body and movement.⠀In 2019 I completed a 100-hour anatomy and biomechanics training, led by physical therapists who are also yoga instructors, focused on bringing together yoga and physical therapy into a sustainable movement practice. I have additional yoga certifications in prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation.

I love to incorporate more strength-based exercises into a class by moving slow and intentional through specific actions in the different poses. My classes are challenging, but approachable. My goal is for my students to leave with knowledge about movement and their unique bodies so that they can apply it outside the yoga class. My students learn and laugh their way through class, leaving stress at the door and walking away feeling accomplished and strong in their bodies and minds.

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Here are some other things about me that have nothing to do with yoga:⠀

✨My favorite animal is an Octopus 🐙⠀
✨I LOVE food and love to cook⠀
✨I LOVE plants and dream of living in a jungle house one day⠀
✨I have a Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies⠀
✨I’ve been speaking French since I was 6⠀
✨I also speak Arabic and Dutch but haven’t in so long that I’d probably need to get thrown to the wolves to have it come back⠀
✨I’ve lived in Palestine, Paris, Amsterdam, NYC, DC, NC, CT, Boston, and I guess now I’ve been living in NJ since COVID⠀
✨I’ve been skiing ⛷ for 28 years⠀
✨I’m 32 years old but get mistaken for a college student a lot⠀
✨I’ve broken the SAME ankle 3 times and sprained it 4 times. Eventually I had reconstructive surgery in 3 places on that ankle⠀
✨I used to play on travel basketball and softball teams⠀
✨Outside of the US I’ve traveled to Canada, France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Palestine, Israel, China, Italy, and the Netherlands⠀