I honestly think that Kate is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had in the 15 years I’ve been practicing yoga. She is very smart about physiology and anatomy, does an exceptionally good job of attending to individual student’s needs, and adjusting classes and poses to meet people where they’re at - she can teach a class that’s a mixed group of experienced yogis and utter newbies without making anyone feel like the class is below them or too advanced. Over the time that Kate has been teaching in my office, she has developed a real relationship with us yoga regulars that has noticeably helped my yoga skills develop.

- Dory, group class yoga students

Kate Forman is a real hands-on yoga professional -- kind, caring, and motivational  - I have worked with her, mostly privately, but also in a group class setting, for about one year.  I very much enjoy working with her, have learned so much, and have become so much stronger and confident.  I whole-heartedly recommend Kate as a yoga instructor. 

"When the student is ready a teacher appears."  Buddha said this, but it is very relevant to my experience with Kate. I had periodically attended group yoga classes in the past, but I never felt that I knew what I was doing.  I could never keep up and I faked my way through most of the movements.  I always left the classes frustrated and discouraged.  I eventually stopped going. As I got older (I'm in my late fifties), I began to lose flexibility, mobility, balance and the mind/body awareness and connection.  Old injuries (and new) bothered me.  I became fearful of falling and realized I had to start going to yoga again to reverse this downward course. It was serendipitous and extremely fortunate that Kate was teaching the first class I went back too, especially since she was subbing that day.  I was lucky that she agreed to give me private yoga lessons!  

Kate is a wonderful, wonderful teacher.  She helps identify my issues and weaknesses, and, she develops targeted exercises for me to do to make me stronger. She is very flexible (no pun intended) in working with me, both in terms of rearranging her schedule to mine when necessary and in being sensitive to how I am feeling on a particular day and tailoring the session to meet my needs. Kate breaks down each and every part of the movement and makes the small adjustments that are necessary to do the movements properly for maximum effect and to minimize injury.  She is very positive and encouraging and always gives positive feedback.  

Kate is the ideal yoga teacher and I enthusiastically recommend her.

- Maria, private client

Kate became my private yoga instructor after I took her class for a semester in college. Kate immediately had a positive impact on my life with her patient, loving, and calm demeanor. What was so special about the one on one sessions was that it really gave me a chance to explore my yoga practice. Kate was able to focus on me as an individual and see how my body works. The l sessions really allowed me to reach deeper into poses with the help of Kate using her body with mine to push my body further. Kate’s love of yoga really shines through her and her experience and guidance are exactly what I hoped for in a yoga teacher. I would recommend private sessions with Kate to anyone in a heartbeat!

- Grace, private client

LOVE Kate! She’s very methodical in her instruction, I can truly close my eyes and just follow her voice. Her practice puts my IT band in HEAVEN. Always feel extra flexy and chipper after her classes. By far my fav instructor in my 8 years of practice. I could go on and on

- Erica, group class student

I just did the Twists class.  It was great!  I had no problem following along nor keeping up. I feel like a million bucks!  Thank you so much!

- Shannon, online yoga student