Individual Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are great for a number of reasons:

  1. Make yoga work for your schedule, not the other way around
  2. Have a practice tailored to what YOU want to work on and what YOUR body needs
  3. Convenience of your home or work
  4. Idea of being in a group not appealing to you? No problem it's just you. 
  5. All of the attention is focused on you so you can ask as many questions as you'd like.
  6. Use props that don't "flow" in a yoga practice (think: chairs, walls, towels, 5 blocks) 
  7. Never done yoga before? No problem - we go at whatever pace works for you so you can learn the poses
  8. Already have a yoga practice and not sure what privates might give you? Think of a private practice as a movement practice to support your group class yoga practice. Not everything will look like a "traditional yoga pose" in a private.


Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Semi-private yoga sessions are a great way to enjoy yoga with a small group of friends and still receive the benefits of a private session. These sessions can be a general class, more of a workshop towards a specific pose, or gentle restorative poses.


College Classes

Do you work at a college? Or maybe you're a student or part of a group of alumni who would like to see yoga offered at your alma mater or current college? Look no further! I teach at multiple colleges, offering weekly classes for alumni, staff, and students, as well as for-credit classes with a more academic syllabus than your typical yoga class. It's hard enough to relax in New York City as it is, but in college we often forget about relaxation all together.  My experience has been that these classes offer students (and alumni) a moment to find calm in their hectic schedules so they can better handle their workload as students and professionals. If you, your college, or alma mater is interested please contact me and I would love to discuss this further. 


Corporate Yoga Sessions - Yoga at Work!

Having yoga in the workplace sounds like a complete dream, but it exists and is growing more and more in companies! Between the amount of sitting, staring at a computer, and stress that goes into our day's work, yoga can be a terrific way to take a step back and pause throughout your busy day. Having yoga in the workplace is also a great bonding activity for employees. Relaxing together, your employees will leave more refreshed and awake, with better posture and less back pain. It provides employees with an opportunity to move their bodies, and leave with the ability to approach work with clarity and calmness throughout the rest of their day.


For availability, rates, and more information, please email