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STRESS doesn’t care what time of day it is
or how much TIME you have.
Neither should your yoga practice.
LEARN YOGA ONLINE with me so that you can
TACKLE STRESS immediately and
STILL HAVE TIME to do the other things you LOVE - WITHOUT the stress

Here’s what people are saying:

"I'm a working mother of 2 kids under 5, and needless to say working out comes last in my priority list at this time in my life, until now. I'm so glad I found Kate. Her virtual classes are shot in such a way that you feel like she's sitting next to you. Her voice is a soothing guide, her flow is intuitive and fluid, and her pace is the perfect balance to give your body a real shape-up in under 30 minutes. Before I had kids, I practiced at a studio 5 times a week and now I'm proud to say I'm getting back to the practice I love in a convenient and compact way. I feel better at work, at home, and in my own mind and body." - Theresa, NY

"I have done all of the classes except the back pain/sciatica one. They are terrific. I really enjoy the Yoga Nidra. I have yet to accomplish crow pose, but I will. I finally got camel pose and it felt awesome! I'm very pleased with the content - you can count on me to renew as a student in the future." - Shannon, NC

"I can finally touch my toes without bending my knees! I could never do this my whole life.I've just been doing your yoga classes during the day and in the evening. Come this past Tuesday noon, I can touch my toes. Like I literally woke up one morning and got spooked yesterday!" - Angela, NY

"Kate's yoga classes are so easy to follow. I like the way each class focuses on a specific part of your body or yoga pose. It's wonderful to be able to participate in a class of this quality in your own home, on your own time." - Linda, NJ