If you’re here, you’re probably extremely busy and live a hectic life. You might be relatively new to yoga, or have had a practice for a while that your busy life has gotten in the way of.

You came to the yoga practice hearing about its stress-relieving effects, but maybe you weren’t really sure what you would encounter. You’re not as bendy as a rubber band, and not as strong as a professional athlete, but these are things you want to improve on.

You also want to feel:

  • more grounded

  • more connected to your body

  • stronger

  • more confident

  • less achy

  • less prone to stress

You’re looking for something that helps you feel better and stronger in your body and mind. You want to find time in your hectic life for this thing called yoga, but also want time for relaxing with friends and family.

You’ve come to the right place. I help busy and stressed out people get stronger and more relaxed in their bodies and minds.

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If you’re in the NYC area and you want to set up a private or group session, email me at kateformanyoga@gmail.com