When I took my first yoga class I thought it would just be breathing and stretching, but within 5 minutes I realized I was completely wrong. Yoga required a kind of intentional and focused movement that I wasn’t used to experiencing and I was intrigued. My practice really developed when I entered graduate school. I was doing things with my body that I didn’t even know were possible and yoga gave me the tools to lower and control my stress levels in a way that I hadn’t known I could. Yoga is a journey. I will challenge you to do the hard pose. The pose you don’t think you’ll ever get. Not because I care if you get it, but because I care about what comes up for you on the journey. I want you to discover things about yourself and your physical and mental strength so you can take those things with you and apply them to the real world when good things happen or when difficult times come up. Whether you’re interested in just learning the poses or looking to deepen your practice I will tailor a private class specifically for your body and your needs. 

Certifications and Trainings:

  • 500 hour vinyasa yoga instructor (Yogamaya NY)

    • Prenatal yoga

    • Restorative yoga

    • Yoga Nidra/meditation

  • NASM certified personal trainer

  • CPR/AED certified

  • Gentle Yoga for adult Oncology (Kula for Karma)

  • Trauma-Conscious Yoga (Bend and Bloom)

If you are interested in private yoga or setting up group classes with me please email me at KateFormanYoga@gmail.com for further details and appointments.

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